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I became a fan by seeing the video for "You Are What You Is" in 88-89. (My family got cable in 1988.) I have a lot of albums, as well as 200 Motels on VHS, Baby Snakes, Does Humor Belong in Music, The Torture Never Stops and The Dub Room Special on DVD, TRFZB and other stuff.

Back in 1992-1993, I wrote my college application essay for American University about Zappa. It turned out that, at the time, their Admissions office had a lot of Zappa fans. (I did not end up enrolling there.)

Honestly, my view of the world would not be the same without Zappa's influence.

Personally powerful Zappa moment: I spent Summer 1992 on USY On Wheels, a Jewish youth group bus trip around the country. I was listening to "Trouble Every Day" while riding through Los Angeles and I saw this black street performer telling his audience, "The riots are over!" Which riots? :(



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