"We're Hurtin' For Tunes"

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Alright, folks, we are going to play some material that we played in the first part of our program—there's a good reason for it—this band is only 'bout four weeks old—we don't know a lot of songs, you know, but the ones we know are amusing and this is Halloween, so you can get off on it. We'll try and make this part of our program as separate and unique from show #1 as possible but, let me tell ya, we're hurtin' for tunes! You know what I mean? So, we're gonna play "Pygmy Twylyte" again and all that stuff and uh, what's the— Oh, the whole rap about "Pygmy Twylyte" is it's a dope fiend song, and then it goes from "Pygmy Twylyte" into "The Idiot Bastard Son," as imagined by Nat King Cole, followed by—yes, yes, yes, our special Halloween song, which is called "Cheepnis," and tells the poignant story of a man's love for the nylon strings attached to a giant spider. Ready? "Pygmy"!


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