We're Gonna Kill Ya

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Actor: Bobby, how do I look? I never did this before Bobby. Bobby, will you look at me? Do I look like a bishop? I know you don't care, OK, but this is my big break, alright. I never did this before, I don't know how you do this performance art stuff; I'm new at it, OK, and I just want somebody to look at me, now how do I look? [sighs] Wait; let me see that thing anyways. Is—is that it? That's an M-80? I'm supposed to— Bobby, that's kinda big. How about a cherry bomb? I mean it'd be the same with a cherry bomb, right?

Bobby: It's gotta be an M-80. If it's a cherry bomb, they'll never hear it over the amplifiers.

Actor: What if uh—y'know I die or something?

Bobby: Listen, kid, this is show business. Alright? You wanna be in show business, you gotta give it your all; you gotta go all the way, OK? Liza goes all the way; Fatty went all the way; you gotta go all the way.

Actor: OK Bobby, alright, OK, I'll—I'll do it with an M-80, but. what is this comedian gonna do to me again?

Bobby: Lemme explain it to ya once, then I'm not gonna explain it again, alright? You're gonna be out there, OK? The M-80's gonna blow up. Then you gonna take your cock out, OK? The comedian's gonna come over, he's gonna have a straight razor. He's gonna take your cock. He's gonna chop off your cock, you're gonna bleed to death, OK? That's it. That's performance art, alright? Did you read the pamphlet? Did you say your prayers?

Actor: Yes, I said my prayer, I said my prayer. But I'm. I. I don't understand some things here now, um. I mean, I. I know I'm new at this and everything, y'know, and I. I. Look, I trust you Bobby; you told me this is going to be a good career move. But I just don't understand one thing—if I die.

Bobby: You have to die, alright? We're paying you to die, OK? We got all the paperwork done with the unions, paid the P&W; we did the whole thing. You're gonna die, OK? Cause if you don't die, we're gonna kill ya.