Chewin' On The Wires

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Porn Peddler: Pick 'em with both hands fellas—this ain't a library. Let me see—whadda ya got? Uh, these two at five apiece, uh "Lesbians in Action" that's on sale—three-fifty, "Shaved Chicks and Spread Clits" that's three. What's this? "Thai Teens and Masturbating Mommies." Alright, that brings it up to uh twenty-five. What else? I'm all outta "Rush", how about "Locker Room"? It's the same stuff—that amyl nitrate shit. Ohh, same price, three bucks plus tax. All set then? OK, have a nice day. Leo, where's my sandwich—this one here?

Fundamentalist: You will burn in Hell! Filth! God abhors dirt! You are the merchants of filth! Selling filth in the land of filth! God will burn you up! There will be great fires and gnashing of teeth! Your teeth! It'll be an inferno to end all infernos! Dirt, grime, pollution. You can't step two feet in somebody's dog—where do they get off these dog owners? How can they do that? If I took a shit in the middle of the street, I'd get arrested, and I'm a human being. And this is a human garbage dump that gets worse and worse every day. The smell! The smell is beyond belief! The people in the restaurants eatin' an' eatin' an' eatin, but the hell is behind the restaurants. There's the truth. The stench of the garbage, and we call ourselves civilised. How can we eat, how can we think, with the rats crawling into the nuclear reactories? Chewin' on the wires, causin' explosions in the middle of the night when you're sleeping, when you think you're safe. No, I object. No. Nobody knows. The dogs, the dogs know. We feed them, and we let them piss all over us, and they know. They know that we're fools, a ship of fools, a garbage scow of fools.

Stockbroker: Crazy place huh? Prawns, I love prawns, especially when they're free huh? Pandemonium, wow! Wonder how they got that stick through that cow that's twirling over there. Look, they're basting it. It's pretty neat huh? I never go to clubs usually myself, but uh, I was bored, so I figured I'd check this place out. You're very attractive, you know that? No, you are—you have a very attractive figure. Yeah, uh, I uh. I make a lot of money. I'm a stockbroker actually. It's very exciting. Plus of course, you make a lot of money, which I like. I have a Porsche. You have really nice breasts, you know that? You're also very intelligent and kind, I can. I can tell from your lips. You have kind lips. I love beauty, don't you? That's probably why I like you so much. I exercise a lot. I have a pretty nice body actually, because I believe in physical fitness. Feel my arm. See? I'm also pretty energetic. I like good sex, don't you? Don't you love having orgasms? I do. I believe in pleasing the other partner. You're very interesting. I bet you're artistic. You have artistic hair. That's my only bad part is my hair—Ethnic hair. But, I have a large penis. Wanna go uh, take a ride in my Porsche?

Texan: Oooh-weee! Boy, I'm havin' fun. This place is great! All the nice people, I love it! Haven't had so much fun since I blew the brains outa that buck last week! Oooh-weee! Models everywhere, prawns. Look at that guy up there with the M-80 up his ass! He he he he he he

Fundamentalist: The smell! The smell is beyond belief!

Actor: I coulda stayed with the production of Oh! Calcutta for a long time—they liked me over there, OK? But I decided no—I have to break out, I can't do Oh! Calcutta for the rest of my life. And I understand this is a big chance I'm taking. Pretty much we know, that for all intents and purposes I'll be dead after the performance. But listen, I have to think of the future. I have to think progressively. If you're not open-minded in this business, nothing's gonna happen to you, OK?

Bobby: Kid, lemme explain something alright? From your perspective, you're working for Mr. Angeles, alright? He owns the club. That's all you think about, OK? But lemme explain something to ya. It isn't just Mr. Angeles, it's not just the Pandemonium club, it's much bigger than that, y'see? Cause we're talking about the art world here, OK? And the art world is much bigger than you or me kid. It's bigger than show business. It's the NEA. It's MOCA. It goes up and up and up. It's a huge, upside-down pyramid of millions and millions of assholes—assholes you would never even know existed. And they all go down, one to the next, all the way down to you. Here. Tonight. With the M-80 up your asshole. And that asshole is gonna get lit, and it's gonna blow up, and you're gonna die, OK? Just understand that. As long as you understand your position in the pyramid, everything's simple.