"Welcome To El Monte Legion Stadium!"

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Announcer: . . . here for tonight. That's the man. I wanna give you a little run-down. I really don't have to go into this, but I'm pretty sure everybody is hip enough to understand what's going down behind that curtain when we raise 'em up and bring them apart. He records for Warner Bros., he's probably—and his people—probably the most creative of people currently in the fields of music. Rock music, or progressive rock, whatever you wanna call it. Let's hear for The Mothers Of Invention!

FZ: Hello! Hello! Art Laboe! Welcome to El Monte Legion Stadium!

Earth angel, earth angel . . .

FZ: Okay, boys and girls. Listen, uh, the last time we played here, in this attractive dungeon, was about five years ago, for a thing called The Moon Fire Happening. Does anybody remember that event? Ew. History, yes it was. It ate it. Alright. Now. We're going to begin, and we're gonna hope that everything goes alright, 'cause Lord knows we wanna do a swell job for you tonight . . . Ew, you little fairy . . . No, no, no, I didn't mean that, I don't wanna get too carried away. We're in a good mood tonight, there's lots of wonderful things happening backstage—somebody gave us a green cake.

Howard: Warner Bros.

FZ: And you know what that means. Okay. The first song is an old song called "Call Any Vegetable." Ready? One, two, three . . .


The Mothers 1970