"Jazz Buffs And Buff-etts"

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FZ: You know it's time . . . You're welcome! You know it's time for a song called "The Purple Lagoon." This is for all the jazz buffs and jazz buff-etts in the audience . . . You'll note that in the middle of this there's going to be some uh, jazz-type solos played by various wonderful members of our New York finest horn section, ladies and gentlemen. And, as if that weren't enough, there'll be a luxuriant punk-rock-type avant-garde bass solo by Patrick O'Hearn. But, the crowning moment of the song will be when Ruth Underwood has the audacity to play the melody from the "Be-Bop Tango" on top of the vamp—I knew we had "Be-Bop Tango" fans in New York! . . . Alright! . . . I always knew I could write an unforgettable melody, that's one of them, I'm sure. Anybody who— Anybody can hum along with the "Be-Bop Tango," just go and get yourself hospitalized right after the show. And she's not only gonna play the melody to the "Be-Bop Tango," but she's gonna do it against the vamp from the— from "Pound For A Brown," which we're going to insert in the middle of this sort of a musical uh, musical chairs-type melody, you know what I mean? Okay, here we go.