Merrill Lynch

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American company that is the wealth management division of Bank of America.

The "Who's Paying The Bills?" section of the "Porn Wars" chapter of The Real Frank Zappa Book:

During a debate with Jennifer Norwood of the PMRC, Jello Biafra (of the Dead Kennedys) asked "Who's paying the bills?" Norwood blurted out that the PMRC was funded by Occidental and Merrill Lynch.

Our pension plan is with Merrill Lynch, so Gail called and talked with the head man. If they were in fact supporting the PMRC, it was going to cost them our account. He insisted it wasn't company policy. Apparently, a call had gone out for people to "donate" for a PMRC picnic. Somebody at Merrill Lynch in Washington D.C. had noticed that Mrs. Packwood was a signatory to the PMRC letter, and, at the time, Senator Packwood was the Chairman of the Finance Committee. So here's a guy at Merrill Lynch thinking that if he makes a contribution to the PMRC, he'll get to go to the picnic, meet Mrs. Packwood and get his elbow into Mr. Packwood.