200 Motels Finale (Basic Tracks, Unedited Ending)

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Bent, reamed and wasted!

A disaster area the size of Atlantic City, New Jersey!

He's making me do this, ladies and gentlemen. I wouldn't do it if it weren't for this. You noticed, all through this material, I've been glancing over toward my left? Well, I'll tell you the reason for that, ladies and gentlemen. He is over there. He is over on the left. He is the guy that is making me do all this shit. Right over there. Now all through this movie, every time we've been on stage, I've had to look over in that direction, right? You saw it. You know. Well that's 'cause he's over there. I've got to watch him for time. He jumps up and down like a jackass. I can't even believe the guy sometimes. But we gotta watch him. "After all," we said, "it's Frank's movie." Now, we're The Mothers, but it's still Frank's movie, you understand? He got the bread for this, he rented the studio, had all these cheesy sets painted. It's so moche! I can't even stand it . . . Here we are. He's telling everybody, right now, right over there, to . . .

Very quiet.

He knows we're gonna get reamed. He doesn't have any doubt in his mind whatsoever that as soon as this moving picture is over we're walking out of this studio and we're going into my dressing room where we will proceed to get high on everything. Right. How are you, Jeff? Jeff Simmons? Herbie [...] gonna break your leg. I've had a good time. Mark's had a good time. Jimmy's had a good time. Aynsley's had a good time. Yeah. George has had a good time. We've all had a good time.

We're all gonna get wasted
I said we're all gonna . . .

. . . No matter how you'd get home. It makes little difference . . . studio audience. As you're getting out now, walk out of the theater, after having seen this . . . for your eyes . . .

It's been swell having you with us tonight, folks!


200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition