"Pain In The Ass"

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FZ: The monitor system is, during uh, when it's in combination with the truck, is completely distorted.

Mark: Toilet's that way. Bop bop. Bop bop.
Howard: So was the shish kebab. <BR?Ian?: Ha ha ha.
FZ: Are you ill?
?: Ha ha ha.
Mark?: Nanook.
?: Ali Baba's revenge.
?: Ha ha ha.
FZ: All right, we're going to perform a section of our multi-lingual presentation now. We don't want to play the whole event because it just wouldn't be wise at this point.
Mark?: It wouldn't be wise?
FZ: Right. So we're gonna, we're gonna go up to the, up to "Eddie, are you kidding me? Eddie, are you kidding me?," and then go into "Pound For A Brown."
?: Okay.
FZ: Okay?
?: Wait a minute, I gotta [...].
FZ: "Eddie, are you kidding me" at the end of the "Sofa" part.
Jim: Right before my [...].
Mark: Oh, yeah!

Howard: These come in different keys!
Mark: Ha ha.
?: That was in the wrong key?
FZ: Okay. Here we go. You find the right one?
Ian?: Mark Maroon.
Mark: What?
FZ: The only thing that survived from our equipment at the fire in Montreux was a cowbell about this big. And in that batch of equipment that we used there we had some specialized musical instruments and also some specialized toys and noise makers for the front line folks. And so we had to makeshift it up today. It's a pain in the ass. Ready? Ready? One, two, three . . .


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