Black Napkins (Erie)

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FZ: All right. I'd like to do a song from my new album now. The name of this song is "Black Napkins." And the name of the album, by the way, is Zoot Allures, and I would appreciate it if you'd get on the phone and call your radio station and say, "Hey, play that son of a bitch, would you?" Anyway, this is, this is a romantic song—I know that you're all very . . . romantic tonight. What? Oh, I can't understand you out here. The people sitting next to you are talking too much, I can hardly hear you. Oh, never mind.

Wee-ee-oooh Wee-ee-oooh Wee-ee-oooh

FZ: Ray, Patrick, Terry, Eddie, and Bianca. Good night!