"The Last Of Our Halloween Shows"

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Frank Zappa:Hello, there. Oh, it's you again! How're you doing tonight?

What's this? . . . "From Bonnie & Charlie." Oh, I'm so cute in this picture. What? . . . Thank you.

Alright, let me tell you what's going on here tonight. This is— This is the last of our Halloween shows here. And, now— now that all the— Now that all the bogus seasonal hysteria is over—Hey, it's you again! . . . Okay, sure. Alright. This is the last one and now we gets— get down to business . . . What? Yep . . . Okay, thank you. Alright. Happy birthday!

Now listen, tonight we're gonna do a show that's different than the ones we've done. And it's— And it's going to be a long show so better relax . . . The first part of the show is going to be some songs that we rehearsed this afternoon that aren't normally part of what we've doing on this tour. These are older songs. And, as you can see from the way "Zoot Allures" turned out, the stuff is a little shaky but what the fuck. So, let me introduce you to everybody and we'll get on with it.

This is Ray White on guitar and tonsillitis. Tommy Mars on keyboards. Scott Thunes on bass. Chad Wackerman on sprained wrist. Ed Mann on percussion. Bobby Martin on keyboards, saxophone and high vocals. And our little Italian virtuoso, Steve Vai on guitar. Wanna give a special welcome tonight to the Cuccurullo family who is here, lurking in the audience someplace . . . And also to the others denizens of Canarsie who may have accompanied them.

Alright. You're ready? Okay.