"Who Did It?"

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Howard: Don't you wanna check his ID.

Mark: Please do!

Howard: Hey, I wanted to ask you a question, Frank.

FZ: Yes?

Mark: Where's his ID?

Howard: In relationship to a past album. Something that I was curious about, and that is in Lumpy Gravy, that wonderful dialog, the closet dialog, you know? It's cold and, you know, all that stuff. I wanted to know who did it. Who were the people involved.

FZ: On which one? Side One or Side Two?

Howard: Side— Side One.

FZ: You mean the guys or the girls?

Howard: Everybody.

FZ: There's three girls. One of them was the wife of the guy who owned the studio, two chicks that just happened to be there, another guy who worked in the studio, and another guy who just drifted in.

Howard: It wasn't rehearsed, right? It's really— It really sounds like exceptional repertory.

FZ: Yeah.

Howard: It worked, man. You did good.

FZ: See, what happened was it was— They recorded about an hour and a half worth of stuff for that one dialog. And I just cut it all up and put it back together to make it say that.

Mark: ". . . could have had a talk . . ."

Howard: Oh. I was gonna say it, it sounded a little—

Mark: That's what you do with all the stuff, isn't it? I mean, like, you could never use it in really straight context.

FZ: You could, but it'd be dull.

Mark: Yeah.


The Mothers 1970