84/12/01 St. Petersburg FL US Bayfront Center Arena

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  1. I'm The Slime
  2. Be In My Video
  3. What's New In Baltimore?
  4. Teen-age Wind
  5. Truck Driver Divorce
  6. Tinsel Town Rebellion
  7. Trouble Every Day (quotes Self-Control, Hold The Line, Gonna Fly Now)
  8. Penguin In Bondage (with "Self-Control" snippet)
  9. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
  10. Drowning Witch
  11. Ride My Face To Chicago
  12. Brown Moses
  13. In France (with "Self-Control" snippet)
  14. Bamboozled By Love (with "Owner of a Lonely Heart" vamp)
  15. Let's Move To Cleveland (with "Self-Control" snippet)


  1. He's So Gay
  2. Bobby Brown Goes Down
  3. Advance Romance (with "Self-Control" snippet)

Encore 2

  1. The Closer You Are (The Channels) (with Johnny Darling {The Feathers} snippet)
  2. No No Cherry (The Turbans)
  3. Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band) (with "Self-Control" snippet)




  • This was Zappa's last ever concert in Florida.
  • Going by Setlist.fm, six songs quoted "Self-Control."