Transition (Section 1, In Session)

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We're rolling. "Transition." Take 1. Take 1.

Yeah [...]

One, two, three, two, two . . .

FZ: Another one.

Still rolling. Take 2. 2.

Yeah, when we get through that, we do the whole thing again. We're just gettin'—

Rolling. Take 2.

One . . . two . . .

FZ: Marvelous introduction.

We're rolling. Take 3. 3.

One, two, three, two, three . . .

Okay, rolling. 4.

FZ: Ian, why don't you play the other variant of that l—

Stand by, we're rolling. This is the continuation from reel 6. "Transition." Take 6.

One, two, three, two, two . . .

FZ: Again, please.

Still rolling. Take 7. 7.

Three beats.

One, two.

Take 8.

The tension mounts.

FZ: Girdle rides up, girdle rides down.

Rolling. Take 8.

Six beats.

One, two, three, two, two . . .


I got [...] I think [...]

Yeah, that sounds— sounded good too. All right.

John Guerin: We got it, Frank. FZ: Good. I like that roll thing that you're doing at the end of the intro. It sounds good; don't destroy it. John Guerin: Okay.

Take 10.

John Guerin: Oh, I just killed— It's the first time I've ever killed a fly with my brushes, man. You didn't kill it; he's moving, man. John Guerin: Oh. Got it. No, he's— John Guerin: Okay. Only one? John Guerin: Right.

We're rolling. Take 10.

One, two, three, two, two . . .

FZ: Again.

This'll be take 11. 11.

One, two . . .

This'll be 12 1/2.

One, two, three, two, two . . .

FZ: Could you start again, please. The juncture between the introduction and the first downbeat of the melody was just a little lumpy, you know. John Guerin: Gravy. FZ: Let— Yeah. Let the introduction taper off so there's a— there's a slight separation. In case anything goes wrong, gives me a chance to cut on one of the other introductions.

We're rolling. Take 14.

One, two, three, two, two . . .