"The Real Show Keeps Going"

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Frank Zappa:Alright. Now. Let's get down to business here. The live show is off the air and the real show keeps going. Oh, underpants. Alright . . . Okay. Look, we're still videotaping this because, you know, we're gonna make something else out of it later, so you, you still have to be on your good behavior now. No objects on the stage unless requested. I already signed one for you. We gotta go to work. Relax. Alright. Yeah, okay. That's easier to do. No no no. Bye! Whoop! Up they go and down they go. No problem. Alright. Mmm . . . I know someone who will enjoy this. Ah, you tuned up? Okay, here we go, an old familiar tune. One, two, three, four . . .



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