All Skate/Dun-Dun-Dun (The Finnish Hit Single)

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Well, I think what we're gonna do right now is make something up. One time only. For this audience here. Ian will start it off.



And how about you, folks, why don't you try and sing along with this song? All you have to do is go: DUNT-DUN-DUN!

It's just like you know in the monster movies, when the monster comes out. It's the part— It's the part that the cello section always does, you know? The monster comes out and then it goes . . . DUNT-DUN-DUN!

Okay, you ready? All together now. I wanna hear if they're in tune.


Now wait a minute, before I came over here somebody told me that the Finnish people were innately withdrawn, that they were shy and that sometimes, well, people think that they're really reserved but if there's something that would just cut 'em loose one time that there was so much pent-up emotion and warmth and craziness locked inside of each and everyone of you out there, that if you just had a good enough reason, that you would just spew it all over Finlandia Hall.

Now, work yourselves into an emotional frenzy, I'm telling you this has to be the music for you. This is the one. This is the big one. This will be your hit single. All you have to do is say: DUNT-DUN-DUN!

You ready?



One more time!


Dunt-Dun-Dun . . .
Dunt-Dun-Dun . . .

A little bit lower now: Dunt-Dun-Dun . . . Dunt . . . Dunt-Dun . . . Dunt-Dunt-Dun-Dun . . . Dunt . . . Dunt-Dun . . . Dunnn . . .

Well, that about wraps it up for tonight, folks. Thanks very much for coming to our concert. We'll see you later, and . . . Dunt-Dun-Dun.

Thank you.


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