"Irate Phone Calls"

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FZ: Now we're gonna play a song now, uh— This song is from an album called One Size Fits All . . . Well I'm surprised you people have heard of it—didn't sell worth a shit, but that's not your fault. We have Warner Bros. to thank for that. We got— By the way, some of you might have been here last night—we ran a slide on the uh, screen. It said, "Warner Bros. Sucks," and we've got some irate phone calls today. Got a call from one of the big people at Warner Bros.—one of the people that you can't ever get on the telephone—this guy actually called up and said, "I've heard you had a banner at your concert the other night in New York that said, 'Warner Bros. Record Company Sucks'," and Bennett had to tell him that, "No, it was only a slide." And then the poor guy who shall go nameless and other things, he said, "Isn't there some way that we can make Frank stop saying bad things about our record company?" And there is a way to make Frank stop talking about Warner Bros., but it's not going to be easy. The problem with this song we're gonna do right now, and see, Perellis thought this song was gonna be a hit. I think he thought this song was gonna be a hit. Now, I always liked the song—some of you may still like the song, but there's no way in the world this tune could be a hit. Because, first of all, the words were in German. Now, we're not even gonna do the words, we're just gonna play the tune. The name of this song is "Sofa #2."