Denny & Froggy Relate

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?: Denny, [...] "I'm The Slime"?

Roy?: "I'm The Slime" [...]

?: I love that song.

Denny: Uh . . . Get "I'm The Slime" off the Over-Nite Sensation album

Novi?: "I'm The Slime" just like Denny said.

Denny: And learn all the girls' part background in, uh— What the fuck is that song?

?: Don't be such an asshole.

Denny: Hey, look, [...] godamnit, don't interrupt on my ninety-dollar-an-hour tape.

?: What is that?

Froggie: "I'm The Slime."

Denny: No, "Dirty Love," yeah. Get the background parts on "Dirty Love."

Froggie: Please, please to get "Dirty Love" and "I'm The Slime," thank you.

Denny: Twice.