"Turn The Light Off"/Pamela's Intro

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FZ: What light? Oh, no, we're gonna need it in a moment. You see, in case you hadn't noticed, we are making a movie of this, and we might like to have you people do something.

Okay, look we're not ready to do anything yet with the audience, maybe if they wanna be in the dark, turn the light off, you know? But we'll get 'em later, we'll get 'em . . . So, turn off the big light and let 'em swoon out there. Hold hands under the table. Um. Gee. Hmm.

Audience Member: "Dinah-Moe Humm."

FZ: No. I think, uh, just a second, how we doing on time? Does anybody know over there?

Audience Member: It's eleven o'clock.

FZ: Calm down . . . How much? Okay, because the last thing we're going to do is going to make a mess, I'm afraid. So, I just want to make sure that we do it at the right time; we, we do have a smoke machine and a bubble machine. We have some strobe lights, and we have some people who are going to dance on stage, and we may have a regular old-time Hollywood dance contest here tonight. And, ah, sure'd be nice if we could get some of you people into it, but it's too soon yet. We'll wait until about 15 minutes before the end of the show and then we'll . . . hey.

Audience Member: Ray Collins.

Audience Member: "Mud Shark."

FZ: Tryin' to think what would be the best thing to play right now. Any ideas? Some idea? Okay, we're going to do "Pygmy Twylyte," ladies and gentlemen.

"Pygmy Twylyte" into, ah, "Bastard Son."

Someone: Let's do what?

FZ: Go right into the Tango. No, I'm not kidding. Just hold the last note and go dah dah dah dah. Roll into it. Alright?

Audience Member: "Greggery Peccary."

FZ: He's coming soon. Here we go. No, not yet. Oh hey wait a minute. That is a good idea. Pamela. Ladies and gentlemen, can you see this girl over here in the— Hey . . . Okay. Pamela Miller, ladies and gentlemen!

Now, let me explain something, uh . . . Have you ever been in love? Have you ever thought of being in love? Oh, there's all different kinds of love, Pamela Miller is so much in love that she is going to demonstrate how much in love that she is by providing a much needed element of— Calm yourself, Pamela. Heh heh heh . . . That's, that's not exactly in love, but just, heh heh . . . Let go of it for a while. It won't leak.

Now . . . You know, all the big rock & roll groups, with the cute people in it, they always have girls who'd come up on the stage and go "Ahhh . . . brrt . . . " and all that stuff. Well, we're a little hard pressed, folks, so, ha ha ha . . . So we're going to stage a low grade sort of cheap sort of uh, pseudo mothermania hysteria event. In the middle of this song. Pamela is going to uh, heh heh heh, eroticize Napoleon while he sings "Pygmy Twylyte."

Okay, here we go . . .