The Story Of Electricity

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FZ: You oughtta tell 'em what happened when you went over to A&M records with that song 'Electricity'.

Captain Beefheart: We walked into A&M Records with the song 'Electricity', and Jerry Moss told me that it was negative, that it wouldn't be good for his daughter. The words are:
Singing through you to me
Thunderbolts caught easily
Shouts the truth peacefully
Go in to bright
Find the light
And know that friends don't mind
Just how you grow

FZ: Well, that would be bad for his daughter. (CB: what.) Ahem. But they signed you anyway, they offered you a record contract.

CB: No, they-they wouldn't take that record.

FZ: They wouldn't take that one, but you put out, uh, Diddy Wah Diddy (CB': Diddy Wah Diddy) and that was safe for his daughter.

CB: That was a real safe one.