Hot Rats Vintage Promotion Ad 4

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FZ: Another one!

David Ossman: Hot Rats is a new album on Bizarre/Reprise. Now we're not gonna tell you who made it yet because most people think that his music is ugly and too weird and wish to have nothing whatever to do with him and the crazed minority he represents, okay? You can see if we tell you who made this Hot Rats album right off you'd push the button to another station and that'd blow it. Okay. Nevertheless Hot Rats is really a good album—it has a lot of pictures all over it, and if you hold the outside cover, which is a pink infrared closeup of Miss Christine of the GTO's under a yellow light it turns black & white mysteriously right there in your hand. Now in spite of this fact, we feel it is imperative that you obtain Hot Rats. We hope that you will discover the work of this exciting composer, this, this daring arranger, this, this reasonably competent guitar player—who must unfortunately remain anonymous during this commercial.