New York's Finest Crazy Persons

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Masked Guy: Zappa is the best guitarist in the city, in the world. His music is amazing. He's a genius, an absolute genius. There's nobody like him anywhere. Nobody can play like Zappa. And that's about it.

Interviewer: And how many times have you seen him?

Masked Guy: Uh, this is the third night in a row, and last year every show he played, Halloween and Christmas. He's just like the best, next to Cat Stevens.

Crowd:Zappa! Zappa! etc.

Guy with Face Paint:Yeah! Yeah! Frank Zappa! Yeah!

Kerry McNabb: Good thing his last name isn't Polinski, or they'd be going, "Polinski!"

Girl in Crowd: I love Zappa, he's a [...]

Girl: [...] To see Zappa, why not? That's why I came here. Because, um, I'm just getting into Zappa and I think he's great. And I want to hear "Dinah-Moe Humm" and "Camarillo Brillo" and I don't know. That's why.

Guy: Rocks.

Girl: [...] the best guitarist in the world . . .

Guy: I don't wanna hear "Dinah-Moe Humm." Warner Brothers sucks.

Another Guy: I don't wanna hear "Dinah-Moe Humm" either. I wanna hear him do "Help, I'm A Rock".