Dupree’s Paradise (Intro)

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FZ: Welcome to Montana! And as your gracious host of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, George Duke will introduce you to the finer points of the Montana landscape . . .

George DukeGeorge: But then on the other hand in Montana we've got some . . .

FZ: Sure 'nuff, y'all!
George: I can't stay away from it. You know what I mean?
Napoleon: You sure you're not talking about Oakland?
George: You know it feels so . . .


Ow! Can you feel it?
You know what I mean? They got this goin' on about [...]
Sounds like more like Oakland to me, you know?

That's what I was saying
That's what I was saying


I can see it now

You know what I'm talking about, Napi, don't you?
You know you can't get no sweet potato pie [...]
You know, Simmons
Come on, Simmons

Going out!
Going out!

FZ: Ah, but you haven't heard anything yet, folks, this is just the beginning! You want cocktail lounge music? We'll give it to you. Walt, take it away . . . Vo-do-dee-oh pee-pee, roo-dee-doot and dah-dah-dah . . . Maybe a little later we can get a bunny hop line going . . .
George: Wait a minute, that's too funky!
FZ: Dr. Bebop presents the Jeff Simmons Guitar Course!
George: Wait a minute now!

FZ: So laid-back as to be almost invisible!
George: Get down, Simmons!

Jeff: Say! Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you to the brand new Bruce Fowler Show featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock and Coy-Coy What-A-Joy, featuring— And all the equipment men are gonna come out, load it and pile it in the plane. Personally carries my guitar, originally sold nationally at $9.95, now available to you. Remember, the white zone is for guitar players only! George: And your mama.

FZ: And now direct to the Bankers Club in San Bernardino, California, where we feature Don Preston with his amazing Farfisa Organ . . .
Jeff: Everybody drink!
FZ: Everybody pee! . . . Yes, yes, yes, a little something for everyone . . . And I'm sure you recognize the Farfisa Organ as the closest thing that we could get to an accordion, but there's only one thing that rivals the accordion for abject sentimental sensitivity and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the trombone itself. The trombone is eminently suited to this type of music, and here we have brought to you at no small expense, ladies and gentlemen, direct from Venus, Bruce Fowler, who'll play for you something that you'll forget immediately.

George: One more tune, honey!

FZ: Trombones are so highly lubricated! But, as if that weren't enough, we have brought to you tonight a Farfisa, a trombone, a bebop guitar, a trumpet—we've brought to you George Duke's keyboard nimbleness. But we can't let you go without being worked over by Napoleon Murphy Brock. Napoleon, give them the tenor sax man's dream right now . . .

Walt?: Cool, man.