"The Halloween Tradition"

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Alright. Now.

In keeping with our reality therapy program, ladies and gentlemen, we're not gonna walk off the stage right now and come back. No no no! We're gonna stay here and do another song. It takes so much time going back and forth—you know what's gonna happen. You're so sophisticated.

I just wanna say something to you right now. If you just be quiet for a minute, let me tell you something. One of the reasons why I really enjoy working in New York is because this is the only audience for what we do in the United States that knows the changes that happen every year, you know. 'Cause every year you're here and you see what we do and, you know, you stay up with it. In other parts of the country where they don't play the records and we don't tour so often, when we go there they still think that the only thing we're playing is "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow." They think that's the— the latest thing. So I appreciate the fact that you come back every year and you've helped to make the Halloween tradition at the Palladium what it is. Even more than we have. And we like you!

Okay. Now we're not gonna do the song that we had planned to do right now. I think we should do something else, something more lavish, something luxuriant, like— No, how 'bout "King Kong"?

Band Member:



Let's— Let's do "King Kong." "King Kong." Alright? So just watch me for the order of solos and we'll see what happens. And for you guys in the video truck, who are sitting there holding on to your vital organs saying, "Oh, what the fuck is gonna happen now?," don't worry, watch me, I'll keep you out of trouble.

We're gonna dedicate this to Butch and the Mongolians, who are over there, and all the rest of the hometown regulars, including Janet The Planet. And Jack. And who else? Is Eraserhead down there? I know they're all down there. Canarsie!

And now, this is the— This is the new improved reggae version of "King Kong."

Band Member:

Oh, you told!


With little solos and stuff in it. Now, we only practiced this a little bit. This is like your Halloween throwaway number so, just relax, sit down, you know, go with it for a while. Ready, Mars?