"The Greatest New Undiscovered Group In America"

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Don Pardo: And now, once again, the incredible, the unbelievable, the magnificent, the spectacular, the all-inspiring mind-boggling crush-throbbing tones of the greatest new undiscovered group in America, a group so unspeakably marvelous that their own record company can't even figure out what to do with 'em, and so, to be on the safe side, they're doing absolutely nothing. Let's hear it then, it's ZAPPA!

FZ: Yes, Warner Bros. Records does suck . . . Before, before we play this uh, little event for you, I'd like to tell you why I think Warner Bros. Records sucks. This is an— This is an actual quote from the president of Warner Bros. Records. This is from a meeting that our manager had over there last week. They went in to find out whether or not they had taken any ads or run any radio spots for the new album, and so they brought out the sheet that tells what they had done, and Mo Ostin, the president of Warner Bros. looked at the sheet and he himself said, "Why, this is appalling!" 'Cause they haven't done anything, see? And so Bennett says, "Well, what do you think we have to do about it?" And Mo says, "Well, you know what? The next time Frank makes an album we should have a meeting" . . . And so, we'd like to dedicate this song to Mo and all of the rest of his business dinners for the rest of the year, may they all be accompanied by black napkins. One, two, three . . .