It's OK to be smart…

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Frank Zappa:It's OK to be smart and it's OK to do things intellectually and it's also OK to do things with a gut reaction and it's also OK to combine the two. And usually the way the media plays upon the fears of the public, especially during the '50s and '60s, and anybody who had an IQ over 28, let's say, people would say was probably a threat to the community. Because, you know, a person who can think for himself is liable to realize the commercials don't mean anything and what they write in the newspaper is wrong, and, you know, it's fashionable to disparage people who are smart. The bad part about that is a lot of the people who were born smart pretend to be dumb so they can have friends, and that's a tragedy. You know, I try to encourage people if they are intelligent to not be ashamed of it and to go out and do what you're gonna do and forget about having friends and acting dumb in order to have friends because those friends aren't going to do you any good anyway. And if you know deep down in your heart that you are a dumb kind of person, don't be ashamed of it. You know, that's the way you are, have a good time. You're dumb, you can sit in front of the television, drink beer and watch hockey and love it. You have none of the problems of the people who know more than you do, because the more you know the less you like it. Everybody should be happy with what they got