"What's Happening Of The Universe"

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David Silver: On the, on the We're— on the We're Only In It For The Money album you take a lot of swipes at the hippies, you know, you really . . .
FZ: Mm-hmm.
David Silver: . . . showed a . . . a disdain for their behavior, uh . . . What was wrong, what was or what is wrong with the hippies, basically, do you think?
FZ: Well, I think that the main thing that I objected to at the time was everybody was uh, so ready to accept Haight-Ashbury and the whole San Francisco hippie scene as the what's happening of the universe and uh, flower power and all the rest of that stuff which I did not think was really what was happening or what should happen, and I didn't think that the people who were involved in it believed it, and, uh, if they did believe it they were still hurtin', because it's— it was puny and it was, you know . . .
David Silver: What— What came through, Frank, was that, you know, you almost coined the term or if you didn't coin the term "Plastic People", and you know . . .
FZ: "Plastic People" dates from before the We're Only In It For The Money album.
David Silver: Yeah. Okay. Uh, you— The hippies seemed— Your attitude on that album seemed to be that the hippies were just as plastic, as one dimensional, that they were following, they were hurting, and they weren't—
FZ: I think the hippies are probably just a hairier version of their parents in most of those cases because the minds that were lurking behind all that hair and beads and the rest of the San Francisco scene weren't truly liberated at all. You know, they were really, uh— They were just like Shriners.
David Silver: Yeah.
FZ: You know, it was the same sort of thing happening. But they couldn't see it, you know, because they felt, "Well, we look different than those other people, so I guess we are different."
David Silver: Yeah.


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From an interview on What's Happening, Mr. Silver?, a show on Boston's PBS station WGBH, in 1969.