‘Ere Ian Whips It/JCB Spits It/Motorhead Rips It

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Ian: My name is Ian Underwood and I'm the straight member of the group
(Ha ha ha!)
Suzy: Wowie Zowie!
Ian: One month ago I heard The Mothers of Invention at the theater. I heard them on two occasions, and on the second occasion I went up to Jim Black and I said, "I like your music, and I'd like to come down and play with you." Two days later I came up to the recording session, and Frank Zappa was sitting in the control room. I walked up and said, "How do you do? My name is Ian Underwood and I like your music and I'd like to play with your group." Frank Zappa says, "What can you do that's fantastic?" I said, "I can play alto saxophone and piano." He said, "All right, whip it out."

JCB: I put that really get my mouth I know it gets its rock off when I do that. Ah, this . . . Well, anyway, uh, the reason I did this is because I felt that I've never done it before and nobody else that I know of has ever done this before so I thought I would do it just once—just to see how it felt. And actually it turned out that well it felt so good that I had to do it at least five or six more times—would you pardon me a second I think I will try one more time . . . ahhh . . . You know, it really gets down all the way down to your uh, tonsils. And it massages the tonsils, you know, the coffee is just a little bit warmer than luke warm. And it really suits the membranes and the tonsils and the uh, the vocal chords and the muscles in your vocal chords, you know. Uh, I think it . . . Mmmmh-mmmmh . . . mmmmh . . .

Motorhead: I figured, oh, you know, just a beautiful chick—I might as well take her home and wine her and dine her and see what happens. So I took her home and we had a big dinner and uh, you know, have a few drinks to see what would happen, and then we both get a little s— Heh . . . both get a little stoned. I figured we'd go flying a bit. So uh . . . after a few drinks uh, I could hardly stand up. I figured, wow, now it's as good a time to do some numbers with this chick. So we took the uh, the records off and we get into the nice dark bedroom to get some uh, and uh, you know it was kind of a—the thrill for me to really get it on with this beautiful blonde which was uh, you know, for a dream it was really a fantastic chick. So we got in there and started making it, ripped out a big giant boob, playing around with it. So . . . heh . . .


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