Monday Show 1 Start

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(This is Monday night, Show 1.)

Marty Perellis: Testing. Testing, testing. Alright, welcome to the Roxy theater. Ah, Mario wanted you to know that your green stubs tonight are good at The Whisky after this show, and it's The Gangsters Of Love with Mason . . . And now, your eight closest relatives, The Mothers.

FZ: Hello. Alright, we're still, ah, fixing things here and, ah, you know, you know, when it's ready to go, it's ready to go. In case you didn't notice, ladies and gents, we're making a movie here tonight and it's possible that, ah, later on in the program if we have something like audience participation, you'll be illuminated and . . . hey.

You know, it's really nice to work in a, a nightclub, you know. It's been so long since I've actually seen anybody in the audience, you know, when you play a concert, there's about 20 yards and it's all black, you know. But you guys look pretty good.

I'll introduce the members of the group now. This is Bruce Fowler on trombone. Napoleon Murphy Brock on tenor sax and, and vocals. Ruth Underwood on percussion. Ralph Humphrey on drums. Chester Thompson on drums. Tom Fowler on bass. George Duke on keyboards. And I'm Zach Glickman.

Audience Member: "Dinah-Moe Humm"!

FZ: We're gonna open up with a song about dental floss. The name of this song is "Montana." It tells the poignant tale of one man's quest for a horse about this big, a bush of floss, the wide open prairie, and the sincere hope that the background vocals will be in tune. Hey! Alright. Good God, ain't it funky now. Feet on fire. Are you ready?