Bruce Bickford/"Disco Outfreakage"

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Bruce Bickford: I think my first animation was with cars runnin' over the tops of hills. And then I branched out into um . . . well, anything I could do with cars, and I, and I, the clay people I had in the cars I started animating, until eventually I got more and more into clay.
FZ: There's an image that you use quite frequently in your films, this image here. Would you mind explaining what this is?
Bruce Bickford: Uh, that was a . . . well that was a face, originally, but it turned into this bridge, this . . . the guy's nose and lips elongated out into this bridge . . .
FZ: Yeah, but you've done that same transformation several times. What does that symbol really mean?
Bruce Bickford: I don't know. Noses are easily animatable into something else.
FZ: Is this the little red car?
Bruce Bickford: Yeah . . . Don't—
FZ: There's things I've noticed in a lot of footage. We have the tree that turns into the hand, and this particular image that keeps coming back.
Bruce Bickford: I can't explain it right off hand. I took a few tokes, when I was out there on the rock, a passer-by lent me. And I wasn't feelin' very good anyway, and it made me feel so much worse that . . . I felt like I was trapped there by . . . I was so weak that I couldn't get up and I couldn't walk back to . . . to the sand, these rocks had this . . .
FZ: . . . Unearthly power over you?
Bruce Bickford: Yeah, the magnetism in 'em, or something, they would . . . they were thrown in there from . . . with no, no regard for their original . . .
FZ: [...]
Bruce Bickford:Well the original magnetism they picked up over the ages as they formed and everything, and they were put in contrary to that pattern.
FZ: How long were you trapped?
Bruce Bickford: About a half hour.
FZ: How did you get away?
Bruce Bickford: I finally . . . uh . . . well, the effect of the dope wore off.

Bruce Bickford: When uh, when Billy The Mountain collides with some super high powered lines he goes . . .
FZ: . . . backs, down there
Bruce Bickford: . . . he goes, he goes up in smoke and he comes down as a . . . well, a castle . . . which is from another dimension, way . . . way back maybe, or somewhere . . . and uh, Greggery Peccary discovers this castle and realizes it would be a great disco. All they'd have to do is fix it up a little. Unbeknownst to them, there was still uh, other things going on in the . . . in the dungeon of this castle.
FZ: Like what?
Bruce Bickford: Uh, probably somethin' real devious . . . a torture chamber . . . many dens of inequity . . .
FZ: So then what happens?
Bruce Bickford: Well . . .
FZ: Well, spit it out, boy!
Bruce Bickford: At the peak of the disco out-freakage, the, the stray . . . the stray energies in that area . . .
FZ: Yes?
Bruce Bickford: . . . came to the fore . . .
FZ: Yeah?
Bruce Bickford: . . . and ultimately, monsters were created!


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