Obscenity is a legal term…

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Frank Zappa:"You shouldn't use the word obscenity as applied to the stuff that I do because there is no obscene content; I use beautiful, efficient English language words that get the point across in a hurry, I talk about things that other people ignore and sometimes that scares people, but it's not dirty, nor is there such a thing as a dirty word, and I believe this and I stress this all the time.

There is no word that you can say, nor is there any noise that will come out of your mouth that is so powerful that it is gonna send the listener to the lake of fire as soon as they hear it; that kinda stuff is total baloney, and the myth of obscenity is a myth that is perpetuated in order to keep a censorship mechanism in place, because as long as there can be censorship for one thing or another, as long as they can convince somebody that you need to have a watchdog to keep the dirty words off the air, then some watchdog agency will be able to keep political ideas that are undesirable or any other kind of social ideas that are undesirable off the airwaves and that's the real basis for perpetuating myths of obscenity and all that kind of stuff and I try to attack it as often as I can."