"What's The Deal, Dick?"

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Aynsley: Had a good night out with a few people.

Mark: And we do everything at half-speed.

FZ: What's the deal, Dick?

Howard: Ha-na-tah, ha-na-tah, ha-na ta-na-na ta-ta-ta-ta.

Dick: What's the deal? Well, as a matter of fact, even last night's statement of non-vulgarity got some people uptight.

FZ: Really? No loyalty oath tonight? Is that the deal?

Dick: Well, the thing is that they all think it was an insult upon them.

FZ: Who?

Dick: The promoters, and stuff like that, you know. It's like an insult upon everybody.

FZ: They're the ones who wrote it in the contract!

Dick: I know it. I'm just telling what happened, man.

FZ: Okay, I got two good loyalty oaths on tape.

Dick: I was thinkin', uh . . .

FZ: Listen! Wanna get an idea how tense it is in Jacksonville?

Some Mother: Yeah.

FZ: We don't even get to do the loyalty oath here.

Some Mother: Why?

Mark: What?!

Dick: They got— They got tense last night about the loyalty oath.

Howard: Oh, no.

Dick: Mainly what it was is because— 'cause when you said, "We won't say penis, we won't say this, we won't say that." And they got, they got worried. And the cat, the cat that ran that truck was standing behind the stage, and he heard that.

George: If you don't say "penis" in there it'll probably be alright.

Howard: Can't say anything.

Mark: Hulk. Hulk.

George: 'Cause "penis" is lewd.

FZ: Look, let's do our— We can do our loyalty oath in here before we go out.

Howard: It won't be the same.

FZ: I got two great ones on tape, so we don't need to do it tonight.


The Mothers 1970