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Willy: I think that's probably one of the rarest Mothers albums too, you see . . .
FZ: Hard to get, you mean?
Willy: Yes, and you hardly ever see it, I just have . . .
FZ: Yeah, I think the rarest one is probably Lumpy Gravy.
Other interviewer: I've, I've had that on order for four weeks and they sent in a copy of We're Only In It For The Money because it says on the back of it, "Is this phase one of Lumpy Gravy?" And it won't come in. It's not around.
FZ: No, that's a very rare album. That's my favorite album, actually.
Other interviewer: How long did it take to put that all together?
FZ: Lumpy Gravy or . . . ?
Other interviewer: Lumpy Gravy, yeah.
FZ: Lumpy Gravy was recorded in uh, mm, say, February or March of '67, and wasn't released until thirteen months later. The orchestral stuff was recorded in February-March, and then the rest of the spoken material was added, say, between October and December '67, after we got back from Europe from our first tour.


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  • From an interview on KBEY-FM, Kansas City, Missouri on October 22, 1971