It's The Eighties

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Tony: It's the Eighties. I know. It's the Reagan generation. Y'know who started the whole thing? The, that, that, eh, that satsuma {?}, the kid with the, with the white glove there. You know the one? Yeah, doin'. ah Massaggio that 's what he likes. So he got all the rest of the kids going, an' they think it's a craze now. It's a cult. It's the Massaggio cult. What ya gonna do hey? Y'know I tried once myself—s'not bad, y'know. My wife, she won't do it, y'know, she want's it the old bim bam zam bam way, y'know. But eh, it's so messy y'know—an' you gotta get all undressed and take a shower it's a pain in the ass, y'know. Gimme, gimme this the. I like to go, go see a movie. Y'know you go in the movie, you go in the back of the movie theater, you sit in the back, y'know. Some guy comes along, little Massaggio. It's not bad y'know. You're watching a nice movie, y'know. Out of Africa, something, Robert Redford up there, Meryl Streep. It's nice y'know, you get a little Massaggio on the side it's. It's not bad, y'know. Sometimes you don't even have to watch the movie y'know, because you feel so good. Little crack. Then the confession y'know. [takes a drink] That's the only problem I have is when I go uh, I go see the y'know. Father Ryan over at uh, y'know, St. Pats. He don't understand this Massaggio shit y'know? I've offered to like I said, "Open the window here I show you," y'know. But he says, "Nah, none for me," y'know. It's uh, y'know. But they got some young priests over there, I hear they like it, y'know. Yeah, the. they. Oh Sure, sure. What, you kidding me? Aw, they come out of that seminary—man, they want it, they want the whole thing now. They all eh. Well, they take those vows, but it doesn't—a vow doesn't cover Massaggio, it has nothing to do with Massaggio. No no no no no, they doin' the whole thing. They're in the back there. Hey, I drive them around man, I know. I seen them all. Smoking that shit in the back and Massaggioin' their brains out. It's wild.