The Night Flight Interview

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The Night Flight Interview
Released 2020


  1. Night Flight Theme #2
  2. Censorship
  3. Misinterpreted Lyrics
  4. There's Always Something Worth Making Fun of!
  5. Government and Religion Don't Mix
  6. The PMRC's Demands
  7. If You Don't Want Your Children to Hear It, Don't Buy It
  8. Conservative Tastes
  9. Zappa's Warning Label
  10. Who's Your Audience
  11. What's It Like to Work for Frank Zappa
  12. Discovering New Talent
  13. How Do You Reflect on Your Career
  14. Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention
  15. MTV Is One of the Worst Offenders
  16. What's Your Greatest Disappointment
  17. Genuine Fans
  18. Film Projects
  19. Music Never Turned Anybody Into a Social Liability
  20. All Music Has a Right to Exist
  21. Porn Wars Skit
  22. Twisted Sister Video in Court
  23. "Hot for Teacher" in Court
  24. PMRC Consultant Reverend Jeff Ling
  25. PMRC Tax Bill
  26. Sheena Easton "Sugar Walls"
  27. Sexual Education: Dr. Ruth, Sheena Easton or Blackie Lawless
  28. Register to Vote!
  29. There's This Show Called Night Flight