"That’s Your Tough Luck"

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FZ: You get used to these things yet?
Mark: Ah, the old man of rock. Nobody.
FZ: Hey, listen. Did you get their nice, clean, attractive stage covered with some sort of a beverage?
Howard?: Swill.
FZ: They're gonna have to repaint it.
Mark: Hot as shit up here.
Howard: Poor baby.
Mark: Those lights are hot, John.
?: Huh?
Mark: Hot lights.
?: Yeah. Real hot.

?: [...] nice beverage?
FZ: Oh, let's see now . . .
Mark: What do you think, Frank?
FZ: Let's do, uh . . .
Mark: Let's go to the [...].
Guy From The Audience: "King Kong."
Another Guy From The Audience: "[...]."
Guy From The Audience: "King Kong."
Mark: King Crimson.
FZ: Well, uh . . .
Guy From The Audience: "Billy The Mountain."
FZ: No, we don't have enough time to do "Billy The Mountain."
Guy From The Audience: I wanna hear [...].
Another Guy From The Audience: "King Kong."
Still Another Guy From The Audience: "Mud Shark."
FZ: Okay, you shall have "King Kong." Actually I wanted to delete "King Kong" from our program tonight because every time we come here we play it. But if you wanna hear it, that's your tough luck.

Mark: [...].
FZ: What?
Mark: [...].
FZ: Yeah!
?: Hah hah hah.
FZ: All right, this is the compact version.
Mark: Which?
FZ: "King Kong."
Mark: Compact?
FZ: No, no. [...] the melody, you know, normal.
Howard: Remember what happened last time we played this.
FZ: Yeah, I know.


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