Seal Call Fusion Music

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(Arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
FZ: THIS is cheap. This is really cheap, watch this;
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
FZ: How 'bout, how about a disco seal call solo?
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
FZ: Ok, Ok now a waltz seal call solo . . . from-from Bavaria.
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Vinnie: Yeah, Frankie, y'know,
FZ: Yeah, Vinnie?
Vinnie: These things just crack me up, y'know?
FZ: I know it, Vinnie, I'm tellin' ya. How would you like to have a little accordion with that?
Vinnie: Oh! Tommy!
FZ: Tommy, Tommy, you think you could give him a little accordion with these seal calls?
Vinnie: Where are you anyway?
FZ: "Seal Call Fusion Music." It's a Penderecki number.
Tommy: Do you mean it, Vinnie? Vin? I really wanna . . . knooww. Y'know, I've been really put on by a lot of penguins 'n seals when its' icyyyy! Actually, cryogenics is expanding—Day by day
FZ: Day by day, I'm fallin' more in love with you, an' day by . . . you're just like a penguin in bondage, boy.
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Tommy: Oh, oh, ah, ah, you're gettin' me hotter, Vinnie, hotter! I wanna get colder!
FZ: Mauricio Kagel, eat yer heart out!

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