My Head?

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Roy: See my head? MY HEAD?!! Ha ha ha ha . . .
Art: No, no, no . . .
Bunk: Let's see if you can put your knees all the way up to your armpits, Art.
JCB: Artie, Artie, Artie . . . Artie.
Mother #4: See, I'm getting . . . easier
Roy: Suck, suck . . . suck more.
Bunk: Sit on his face girl.
Roy: Suck it, suck it a little bit. Suckit.
JCB: Bunk.
Bunk: What?
JCB: Stick it in.
Roy: Juice it, juice it.
JCB: Stick it in.
Art: Lemme, lemme see your cock.
Mother #5: White skin women.
Mother #4: Oh God, oh, Jesus.
Mother #5: Look at it man.
Oh, yeah, oh, look at . . .
Roy: One, two, three . . .
Mother #5: Oh, look at that.
Roy: One two three?
Is it succulent?
Mother #5: She is so wonderful.
Mother #4: You grabbed, you grabbed a tuft of hair there . . .
Oooh, I like it.
Mother #4: Do you? Ha ha ha . . .
Roy: Hooh-hoh-ha-ay, BRAP!
Come up here, we're havin' a party.
Roy: Oh Art oh. Jizz you . . .
FZ: Ha ha!
Roy: Jizz you, Art!
Mother #4: Gimme, gimme some nose.
Roy: Jizz you.
Mother #4: You're gonna tear the fuckin buttons.
Roy: Jizz you.
Roy: Jizz you.
I didn't even believe it.
Mother #4: You didn't believe it?
Roy: Jizz it . . .
Oh, look at that.
Boy I didn't believe it.
Oh, that's good.
I didn't even beleeve it.
I didn't beleeeeve it.
How 'bout that, you're going to . . .
All that hair coming out of me . . .
Happy Birthday, Artie.
Roy: How many humps do we give him? How many humps do we give him? Twenty four?
Twenty four big ones.
Roy: Twenty four big ones. Twenty four jizzers.
JCB: Get one . . . and one to count. And one to grow on.

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  • Mentions Dogs: "WOOF!"
  • The line "All that hair coming out of me" is similar to "Hair coming out of every hole in me" in Concentration Moon.
  • Mentions Nose: "Gimme, gimme some nose"