"Herd Of Cattle"

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Mark: Can we have more monitor, Steve? It's for Howard. A little more monitor for Howard.

Jim: One, two, test. One.

Announcer: Okay. Welcome please, Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention!

FZ: Hello, there! . . . I'm sorry that it took us so long to prepare ourselves for this event—Silence, fool.—We wanted to try and do a real nice show for you since it's half the last time we have the golden opportunity to play at the Fillmore. I become nostalgic at moments like this. My mind drifts back to the first time some prick in the audience asked us to play "Louie Louie." And I think that tonight, boys and girls, just may be one of the memorable events here. I'd like to say this, please—listen—please keep the comments to the bandstand at a minimum this evening—we have a reasonably complicated program to play for you. We'd like to make it sound like music. And I don't want to treat you like you're a herd of cattle—even though it's against my better judgement.


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