68/09/09 The Joey Bishop Show Vine Street Theater Hollywood Los Angeles US

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The Mothers Of Invention appeared on the September 9 (taped September 6), 1968 episode of The Joey Bishop Show.

Frank Zappa commented on this in an interview in Stockholm, Sweden in October 1968.

"We did our first national television show about a month ago—by accident. See, they have a show there called the Joey Bishop show. And it's a very dull program that comes on late at night, and it's largest audience is in the South. And . . . he went on a vacation, so they had these other people come in to be the host of the show. It's a variety show. So, ah, you know the American actress Shelley Winters? You know? Well, she was the hostess on the program. And she requested that we come on and play—and there was a lot of problems when she asked to do that, the producer of the program didn't want us to come on, so she said she would not do the show unless we went on. And she forced them to put us on television. And so we played. That was our—that was our first national television program. [...] She wanted to help us, she wanted to put us on television; she liked our music . . . y'know, which I thought was strange. [...] I'd never met her before either, it came as a surprise."[1]