Space Boy

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Cosmonaut Sean, Space Boy, beware
Velarna is waiting for you out there
Don't cross the parallel of time and space
Or you'll die of love in a cruel embrace
Velarna is the queen and fate is her cold (?)
Velarna the lover, sex without soul
Sean! Space Boy, Space Boy.

Laughing at the danger in amorous jest
He soared through the space on his gallant quest
But there in ambush behind heaven's gate
Mysterious Velarna was lying in wait
Spellbound he looked into her blazing green eyes
She smiled and stirred her enticing thighs
Sean! Space Boy, Space Boy.

A thousand fires pierced his flesh
He pledged his love with tender caress
Fireballs and sunbursts showered them delights
Then the two lovers held a sacred rite
Her kisses were deadly, the cosmic night grew dark
She tightened her green arms around his heart
A sob of sorrow echoed to the sky
He sighed "I love you," then he died
Oh, Sean! Sean! Space Boy, Space Boy.

Then he was buried among the stars
The legend says wherever you are
You can hear on certain nights
A young man's calling from the heights
Velarna, Velarna, come back to me, my love,
Velarna, Velarna, Velarna, mon amour!
Oh, Sean! Space Boy, Space Boy.