The Godfather In Full Metal Jacket

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The Godfather In Full Metal Jacket
Released 1989

Side 1

  1. What's New In Baltimore?
  2. Keep It Greasey
  3. Teen-age Wind
  4. Truck Driver Divorce
  5. We're Turning Again
  6. Alien Orifice

Side 2

  1. Zoot Allures
  2. I Ain't Got No Heart
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. Advance Romance
  5. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

Side 3

  1. City Of Tiny Lites
  2. A Pound For A Brown On The Bus

Side 4

  1. Trouble Every Day
  2. Penguin In Bondage
  3. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
  4. Yo Cats
  5. Bamboozled By Love