"A Series Of Musical Episodes"

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FZ: We're gonna begin a series of musical episodes which might be classified as "Rated X." And I just wanted to let you in on this in front of it, see, so you were all informed. This is not pornographic. This is not obscene. It is not smutty. It's not dirty. But—

Mark: You'll get your rocks off.

FZ: It's got some words in it— Well, it talks about certain body functions and it discusses certain elements of the process of touring on the road with a rock & roll band which perhaps an immature audience might uh, you know, you might have to grow up or something. So if there is some people in this audience who feel at this time in light of this reasonably explicit warning that this material will offend them, would they please leave right away? We don't want anybody complaining about what goes on now.

Mark: Will our road manager please leave?

Guy In The Audience: Nobody's leaving.

Girl In The Audience: We're all here!

FZ: We'll begin with a song called "What The Road Ladies Do To You." This is a story about what happens when you go out on the road and you get some hot nooky, and then a few days later you get a surprise when you go to the toilet. Makes your pee-pee hurt. And uh, we ain't going for that. Are you ready, George? Right, hit it!


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