"Carved In The Rock"

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FZ: Hello, folks! This thing wiggles too much. Hey, that's more like it. Hm-hm-hm, yes, okay? Bruce Fowler on trombone . . . Napoleon Murphy Brock on tenor sax . . . And vocals . . . Ruth Underwood on percussion . . .

(All right!)

Okay. The gong always gets 'em. Ralph Humphrey on drums . . . Chester Thompson on drums . . . Tom Fowler on bass . . . George Duke on keyboards. Alright. Now, let me get myself tuned up and then we'll do a suave program for you.

?: Owen, a shade more sax in the monitor. Just turn it up, a little bit.

Girl From The Audience: All right, Frank!

FZ: All right.

Audience Member: Where's Ian Underwood?

FZ: All right. Well, Ian's busy. He's uh, he's with his parents in uhm, uh . . .

Audience Member: Yugoslavia.

FZ: . . . Florida. But he'll be back in town soon, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah.

Now, we're gonna open up with some— Hey! Brian Krokus, ladies and gentlemen, right back there! He is our mixer, and of course there's another mixer out in the truck and you can't see him but he's awfully cute, his name is Kerry McNabb and he can hear us talking about him, but . . . well, you're missing the best part of what's going out— on out in the truck.

We're gonna open our program with a song that deals with the subject of the possibility of, uh, extra-terrestrial beings visiting this planet a long time ago.

Now, some of you might have read a book called Chariots of the Gods?, by Erich Von Däniken, and there's a little thing in there, it's a picture of this area in the Andes called the plains of Nazca, ladies and gentlemen. And, uh, there's these carvings on the top of the rock that you don't know what they're supposed to be for. It doesn't look like it would have been a road, because it doesn't go anywhere, and there's a bunch of 'em, and some people think, well maybe it was a landing field. But the carvings are very, very old and they're very, very big, you know, indicating that the people who made them were highly, uh, well, they were, heh heh . . . They really had their ____ together for the things that carved in the rock. And it's possible that if they were landing fields, that the things that landed on them were NOT OF THIS EARTH.

And so we have a song, which features the lovely voice of Mr. George Duke, and the name of this song is "Inca Roads." Take it away, George . . .