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Herein is a list of 1,367 Frank Zappa / Mothers / MOI appearances either live in concert or TV interviews. Each show listed links to an individual page on this Wiki. There you may find set lists and other errata that other FZ fans may have added. If you have information about that show, please go to that page and add it. Links in blue indicate shows that have more info on this wiki. Links in red indicate that a "more info" page has not yet been created. In either case you, the reader and potential contributor, are free and are encouraged to add any information you have about any show in this list.

Sources and related info

The list below was generated by taking the Frank Zappa Gig List put together by Charles Ulrich (version 05/06/07) and modifying it for this Wiki (July 31st, 2005). You can find the original list (complete with date verification and canceled shows) here: along with a ton of additional information. Both the list below and Charles' list (from which the list below was taken) are works in progress. If you have any information missing from this list (e.g. the complete date of a show listed below only by the year or year/month) please contact Charles.

In addition, the complete show list has been broken down into FZ's individual tours. For more information on these tours, visit Jon Naurin's FZShows page:

If you are looking for an earlier version of these two resources related together into a searchable databased (by Barry) check this page out:

There is an extensive videography list that shows all TV appearances, etc, maintained by Román García Albertos, here:

If you are looking for show downloads, please visit the Zappateers website's FZ Shows BB Forum, here:

Editor caution

If you edit this list to modify the date or add the venue name or city and the link is blue **PLEASE** first go to the linked-to page and edit it, then copy all the content into your clipboard to re-paste to the new page that is created when you change the link. Remember, the link and the page name are comprised of the show date, city, state, country and venue, so if the link info is changed the old page will be "orphaned" and will no longer be linked-to. Poof, it's gone! So please be careful.

Full Show List

The 60s








Hot Rats, February - April 1970

MOI Reunion, May 1970

With Flo & Eddie, June 1970 - December 1971

Grand Wazoo, September 1972

Petite Wazoo, October - December 1972

February - September 1973

October 1973 - March 1974

April - May 1974

June - December 1974

April - May 1975

September 1975 - March 1976

October 1976 - February 1977

September 1977 - February 1978

August 1978 - April 1979

February - July 1980

October - December 1980

September 1981 - July 1982

July - December 1984

February - June 1988 (final tour)

The Yellow Shark, September 1992

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