72/10/31 Passaic NJ US Capitol Theatre

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Spending the night of Halloween at the Capitol Theatre with Frank "Chester" Zappa, the same old completely different Mothers of Invention, Tim Buckley, Zacherle and hundreds of dayglo painted and outrageously costumed freaks was not entirely all that it sounds like it was, only because Zappa, though in good spirits, did not really rise to the occasion.

His band and music, precociously perceived to be a spoof of big band jazz (instead of rock and roll), consisted of a bounty of brass and a rock and roll rhythm section, all conducted by the maniacal maestro himself, and was yet another step in the evolution of Zappa genius.

However, he apparently was taking it all [too] visibly serious, with which there is nothing wrong of course, except that it did not contribute much to what could have been one hell of a crazy concert.

On the other hand, the [presence] of Zach (at the first show only) judging the assembled assortment of freakiest costume contestants ghostly gathered on stage turned a concert into a special occasion. Mr. Jiggs, the smoking monkey, added to the absurdity of it all.

The costumes, especially at the first show, were truly psychedelic and changed the Capitol into a Betty Boop cartoon. Those that bothered to dress for the occasion should know that they made the show.

The mood of the Capitol is mysteriously becoming more relaxed, and gradually people seem to become more aware that the possibility exists there more than anywhere else around for some sort of community feeling or spirit to sprout, and maybe even grow.

Indeed, I almost [felt] like I was once more at the Fillmore as I watched the [...] people inequitably boo Tim Buckley right off the stage.

Greg Carannante - The Free Aquarian (November 1972)