67/05/20 New York NY US Village Gate

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"The Village Gate was full to bursting at noon on Saturday for the 12th annual Village Voice Off-Broadway Awards....

The afternoon began with 20 minutes of musically sophisticated raunch-rock by the Mothers of Invention, who opened this week in their own musical, “Pigs and Repulsive”(sic) at the Garrick Theatre on Bleecker Street." - Village Voice - May 25, 1967, Vol. XII, No. 32

"1967 Barbara Harris presided over the ceremonies, and a new group called the Mothers of Invention, led by a singer named Frank Zappa, entertained the gathering between awards." - Ross Wetzsteon - I Lost It At The Obies (A chronicle of 40 years of Off-Broadway) - Village Voice - May 30 1995