70/11/05-07 San Francisco CA US Fillmore West

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Set List

November 5th
  1. Paladin Routine
  2. Call Any Vegetable
  3. The Sanzini Brothers
  4. A Pound For A Brown On The Bus - Quotes Inca Roads
  5. Sleeping In A Jar
  6. El Porko The Magnificent - Quotes Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  7. Sharleena
  8. The Air
  9. Dog Breath
  10. Mother People
  11. You Didn't Try To Call Me
  12. King Kong
  13. Easy Meat
November 6th
  1. Paladin Routine - Also referenced as "Have Gun Will Travel" or "Palladin and Hey Boy"
  2. Call Any Vegetable
  3. The Sanzini Brothers
  4. Penis Dimension
  5. The Sanzini Brothers (part 2)
  6. Little House I Used To Live In
  7. The Mud Shark
  8. Dr. John "The Night Reemer" parody
  9. Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
  10. Touring Can Make You Crazy
  11. Would You Like A Snack?
  12. Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown
  13. Cruising For Burgers
  14. Easy Meat
  15. "The Bullshit Rhythm"
  16. Daddy Daddy Daddy
  17. Do You Like My New Car?
  18. Happy Together
  19. Who Are The Brain Police?
November 7th

Unknown setlist

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