70/06/28 Shepton Mallet UK Bath & West Showground

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The Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music.



Set List

  • Tuning-Banter
  • Band Introductions
  • Wonderful Wino
  • Concentration Moon
  • Mom And Dad
  • The Air
  • Dog Breath
  • Mother People
  • You Didn't Try To Call Me
  • Agon
  • Call Any Vegetable
  • 'I'm going to take a minute and warm my hand up on the amplifier'
  • (Banter - Star Spangled... Return Of The Hunchback Duke Intro)
  • Little House I Used To Live In
  • Holiday In Berlin
  • Cruising For Burgers
  • Tuning - King Kong Preamble
  • King Kong (w/Igor's Boogie)
  • 'I suppose by now everybody knows that I'm friends with Frank Zappa'

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