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Amazing job! Great! - A question: what if the shows would be cathegorized not by years, but by tours (as on the FZshows page)? It still would be chronological, but (possibly) would be more logical. What do you think?


I for one, would not have a problem with that. Mik, what do you think? - KillUglyRadio 09:33, 3 Aug 2005 (PDT)

I plan on doing that. I broke up the dates by year because that's all the time I had left that day.

BTW, I'm currently working with Charles (the original creator of this list) on what information should be on the wiki page. He requested that I remove some of the show date "debugging" info, like how the date was confirmed, etc. It would be hard to coordinate this info between this page and his page, where he will continue to build the list and verify dates.

Barry, is there a way to receive email updates when a wathed page (or a page it links to) is updated? -Mik

Keeping the Concert List 'Clean'

Hi, from Tonefish

As usual, a brilliant piece of work. I think there's a danger though, if people add bits on here! (As is happening...Concerts). In my opinion, if there's ANYTHING to be said, other than date, location, venue, then it should be on the PAGE that can be created for it - however trivial.

Could I suggest the INTRODUCTION para says something like this?...

"....Each show listed will link to an individual page on this Wiki. On such pages you will then find band line-ups, set lists or any other errata that other FZ fans may have added. If the Concert entry below is blue it indicates that there is a linked page with more information. If the entry is red it indicates that a "more info" page has not yet been created. In either case you, the reader and potential contributor, are free and are encouraged to add any information you have about any show in this list. If you have information about a show, please go to that page and add it, or click a red link to develop a page and add to it. DO NOT add items to the list below, however trivial, they should be added to A CONCERT PAGE.
(The only items that can be added below are dates not yet in the list)"

(Best interests of the wiki at heart and all that) --Tonefish 09:18, 3 July 2008 (PDT)

I think the "additions" came with the list we acquired. They can be verified and incorporated into the page then removed from the category list. There is no real danger of people charging in and changing the list - we are ever vigilant if they do ;-) so the intro para is not really needed. Duncan 11:45, 3 July 2008 (PDT)

Ok, thanks for guidance Duncan. Now have a 2nd concern, and that is the way the Set List is presented on each Concert page;

Obviously, the set lists show the LIVE numbers played - which means they are NOT NECESSARILY the tracks as heard on an album - which means they SHOULD NOT really be highlighted unless they are such tracks. I've put a byline or highlight after a track/number in the page I've done for 82/06/18-19 London UK Hammersmith Odeon, which hopefully demonstrates what I think should happen to track entries in Set Listings. (Note: useful format to adopt if the FZ band do things like the "Stairway To Heaven" & "I Am The Walrus" numbers, as at the Hartford concert in '88)

Perhaps each concert page needs an intro para along these lines?;
If any live track in the Set List has been recorded onto an album (official or bootleg) it will be highlighted blue. If the track is not highlighted you will need to enter its title into the search-box routine to find the album from which it is taken.

Alternatively, this work could be done for the reader by adding a highlighted byline in parenthesis after each track, e.g;

  • Doreen (original track on You Are What You Is) - but that's more work for editors... and a busier-looking page...

Maybe a bit of both - whatever is suitable?

Is such knowledge definitely not wisdom in this case and am I just being pedantic? --Tonefish 06:26, 5 July 2008 (PDT)

It is the old discography problem :-( The right link should go directly to the right page. As in Nig Biz/You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3 here (I am assuming that that is right - I do not know ;-) . Whereas the link from Dub Room Special back to the same Nig Biz page is wrong and will need a separate page (as will ALL the other duplicates). I do not like the idea of giving instructions on how to use a page. It should be obvious. Links should go where the reader expects them to go.